I always find inspiration from all kinds of sources, mostly other peoples personal blogs that touch on topics that I can relate to. I have pulled together my favorite blogs of 2016 that have really helped me through this last year. I hope that you too can find inspiration and guidance from them, as I have.

John Pavlovitz

John is no stranger to controversy. In fact, it seems a main stay in his blogs, with great results. He talks about the stuff other just want to brush under the rug. John is a very accepting Christian who believes ALL people have the potential to get into Heaven.


Crosswalk is a blog that applies scriptures and stories to current affairs in the world. They tend to touch on more spiritual and conventional aspects of Christianity and how it is surviving in today’s world.


Unfundamentalist is a great blog that detaches itself away from the fundies and the right and opens up Christianity to all, not just a select few. They commonly speak on topics of equality, acceptance, and truth.

Discovering Beautiful

Discovering Beautiful is similar to my posts, in that it is interspersed with faith based recovery methods. I love that she speaks about her faith, how God provided her this second chance, and how she shares scriptures that apply to her recovery. I have been following her on Facebook for some time now and am always one to read her posts.

Sober Courage

Magz tagline describes all of us in our journeys, “from liquid courage to sober courage.” She relates to the readers on a personal level that all of us can find similarities in. She talks about not only common struggles among people living in recovery, but also her personal and unique journey through sobriety. She also has many resources for people living in recovery sprinkled all throughout her blog.

The Unruffled

The Unruffled is a collective of recovering alcoholics/addicts taking their journey through sobriety with the help of creativity. Providing their own unique way of staying sober and getting over hurdles is a real inspiration. Not only is it full of ways to stay sober, it is a great source for ideas in the creative realm of art, exercise, and self-care.

The Mighty

The Mighty is a user contributed blog site that touches on many different afflictions, including alcoholism, mental illness, depression, and more. It allows people to share their experiences and voices on topics that affect nearly everyone. It works to break the stigma attached to illnesses people live with daily.

International Bipolar Foundation

The International Bipolar Foundation blog is a curated showcase of first hand accounts of living with bipolar disorder on a daily basis. The true to life posts give insight and information on how to handle some of your more difficult circumstances and situations. It also helps you feel not so alone in this journey.

Dave Wise Matters

In this blog Dave writes about affirmations. His stories, and those who share their stories on his page, are threaded with faith, life, and hope. He speaks about how to live a life with bipolar disorder and also be healthy in your faith.

Queer Theology (Subscription Required)

Queer Theology puts Christianity into the perspective of being part of the LGBT community and having faith. They work towards breaking that ridiculous barrier that a lot for the Christian right have put up against anyone different than them.

Good Men Project (Gender Sexuality)

The Good Men Project puts things in a male perspective. They have a dedicated blog section highlighting gay men and topics ranging from taboo to main stream.


From its name alone you can guess this site is all things “gay.” There are topics ranging from religion, advocacy, addiction, and more. The articles are user submitted so you get a good look at issues that face the LGBT community.