Favorite Health Apps

Lately I have been on a health kick and have been trying to make sure I stick to it this time around. Easier said than done in the past, and we all need a little help. So, I have been searching [...]

Game of Meds

So, the first meds I was put on didn't work. I saved disclosing what the medicine was until I knew how it affected me personally. Also to avoid all the horror stories and caution from others. I [...]


When I was a kid I often worried about the future. All kids do. Except I took it to another level when I was younger. I'm not sure what outside sources were contributing to my worried mind, or if [...]

Starting Meds

This is my first Vlog. I know it seems to be a dying trend, but I really wanted to voice my latest thoughts and the start of something major in my life. I hope you enjoy.

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