So, I have been doing my Inspirational Posts for 2 weeks now. I spend the time to Photoshop the images with backgrounds that go along with the quotes. I do it because it is therapeutic to me. I hand pick and curate the quotes that have meaning in my life at the current time. Sometimes the message can get repetitive, but things don’t usually fix themselves in a day. I also want to share those quotes, whether they be my own or others, so that it can help other people for whatever moment they are in in their lives right now. Each post may have different meaning to every person based on how they receive it and what they may be going through.

14 Inspirational Images so far and I’ve gotten some good reception. A few comments and a good amount of shares. I plan on doing this all the time, because it helps me. And, since we’re not unique in our journeys, they could help other people going through the same thing I am, and could even apply to people who have already gone through what have.

I always tell myself I am not unique and that someone has stood in my shoes before, and I’m pretty certain people who have gone through the same things I have are living in long term recovery. So, if someone else could do it, so can I!

I sincerely hope you enjoy my messages. Share some of your favorite quotes that have helped you through sobriety. I love finding new quotes.

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