About Me

Hi, I am Ronnie, and I am a tatted gay bipolar Christian living in recovery and telling my story along the way!

If that random bio line doesn’t say enough about me, this blog will!

I have had two blogs in the past, and I decided to consolidate them into one. I was inspired by Mary Lambert’s “Secrets,” which was released in the summer of 2014. My previous blogs were very specific to certain topics, and I felt that it limited me  in the things I wanted to share with everyone. This inspiration and blog allow me to discuss my life as a whole and not just certain parts.

I was inspired by this song to talk about all the things I hold in and hide from people. Being able to free myself of those weights have me very excited. Don’t get me wrong, I am terrified of talking about 95% of the stuff I have planned to discuss, but to be truly free of my past, my demons, and things that are holding me back, I have to talk about these things, for myself.

I started blogging about being an alcoholic, which I have been sober from since September 1st, 2012. It was a very specific blog because it talked about my struggle with sobriety and how my faith brought me to and through, and continue to help me in the darkest parts of my sobriety. I didn’t feel I was able to talk about my sexuality, my tendency to be a workaholic, my absolute love for dogs, and just general things I want to talk about. Free From Secrets allows me to be me, 100% uninhibited.

By no means am I a perfect example of sobriety or Christianity. But, we are all who we are, and if my journey through life can touch the hearts of someone else who needs to know that they aren’t the only one, then my goal has been accomplished. I am very open about who I am, my life, and my struggles. My journey through sobriety is something I proudly wear on my sleeve, literally. I have a tattoo of the AA symbol on my arm and my favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, which you see proudly displayed throughout my entire blog. I am not proud of the behavior I displayed while I was drinking, but I am proud of my ability to go sober, and stay sober. Everyday is a struggle. Some days are better than others.

I am human. I mess up. I have burned a lot of bridges with my actions in the past. I am almost positive that I will lose friendships over this blog. I am confident that the people who I truly love and care about me will be there through this open display of my journey to be lighter from the things that hold me back.

One thing I always ask is that if you can relate to and use any of my story to help you in your life is that you don’t tell me about it, you pay it forward and share your story with someone else who may need to hear it. You never know how someone could relate to you or how your story could help someone else progress in their life. Share your life! We only have one and we are all here together. So, don’t be alone, be together.

As for the rest of me, you’ll just have to stay tuned and read the posts!