As you know, music get’s me through so much! The highs, the lows, the lulls, all of it. Numerous studies have shown, as if we actually needed them to know this, that music can help set a tone for moments in your life. It changes the way you remember them, feel about them later in life, and appreciate or dislike them. Through the years since my first diagnosis of being bipolar, I have found solace in music. I have put together a list of 10 of my favorite songs relating to bipolar, or that feel somehow connected, to me. They are broken into 2 sections, songs for the manic moments, and songs for the depressive moments. Enjoy!

Manic Episodes

Move in the Right Direction - Gossip

This upbeat song, by one of my favorite bands, sings about always improving yourself. Taking the cliche 12 step saying, “one day at a time,” and putting it in a more modern and accurate phrase, “one step closer every day at a time.”


In this 90’s throwback we explore the good thought to have always, getting back up when you get knocked down. Although this song has a lot of other underlying meanings, I like to listen to it when I need a little bit of a pep boost. Don’t let anyone keep you down!


Conformity can be deadly, and Bleachers know that with this song. This song talks about going away from the mainstream and being you. It speaks about wanting to better yourself, in an upbeat and positive way.

Move Along - The All-American Rejects

Moving past hurdles is a great challenge. Move Along talks about taking on life’s hurdles and going past them and thinking about the end goal. This song draws out inner strength and perseverance.

Don't Let Me Get Me - P!nk

Our inner demons can be our greatest challenge. Don’t Let Me Get Me, by P!nk, sings about how we can be our own greatest downfall, enemy. In the song she is searching for a way out to get out of her own mind.

Depressive Episodes

Hurt - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s song, Hurt, can be easily thought of as a struggle with depressive episodes. When I hear this song I feel like it is a conversation with one’s self. Our mind can be a dangerous entity if left unchecked.

A Better Son/Daughter - Rilo Kiley

This song is a direct reflection of bipolar disorder and the way it impacts ourselves and others. It sings about doing whatever necessary to keep going. It talks about all the things we try and do to please others when all we want to do is please ourselves by not being all over the place with our moods and thoughts.

Fragile - Gnash (feat. Wrenn)

This songs speaks about how vulnerable we are in one of our depressive states. The duet back and forth is chilling. It also shows how our mental illness effects others around us.

Colors - Halsey

Throughout our life with bipolar disorder, we are often left feeling unworthy. This song sings about how even though we are bruised and ripped apart, we are still capable and worthy people.

The War - SYML

Our decisions sometimes put us in near impossible predicaments. In The War, SYML talks about living in the holes we create for ourselves. It is also a very clear reference to suicidal thoughts and being close to the edge.

I hope you enjoy these songs I picked. If you have any songs you like to listen to in different phases of your ups and downs, please share them below. You can also view my entire playlists for both manic and depressive music on Spotify or see my latest plays on