Brief Absence

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I apologize to the followers I have. I have been on a break for a bit while tending to personal life, since that’s what recovery is about. Thankfully no relapses, but times did get tough. Along with that, being very busy in general with many different projects, I have neglected this website. I am making a point to make sure there are more postings and resources for those in need. I recently ran into some things in my personal experiences with recovery that have drawn me back to this website and what I feel there is a great need for. I believe many people need to hear about God and sobriety from a Christian Alcoholics standpoint and not just from the Big Book. Although the AA book has some great information and ways to live your life, it is just an outline that lacks religion and God’s plan for all of us. No one but God knows his plan for us, but it is a great place to be when you are sober and strong in your faith. Stay tuned for more frequent posts. Thank you ALL, and God bless you.

Fighting a Losing Battle

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In our journey towards lasting sobriety, it can commonly feel as if we are fighting a losing battle. We lose friends, loved ones, family, jobs, belongings, our health, and more. It can be difficult to think that we are actually doing any good in our lives when everything we know seems to be slipping away.


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