Sober Sunday Devotional – October 23, 2016

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Day in and day out I would get up and drink. I would drink first thing in the morning from the bottle of vodka I kept by the nightstand. I would drink from the water bottle full of vodka all day long. I would drink while out with friends. I would take a drink before bed. And, if I woke up in the middle of the night, I would take a drink of the same vodka on the nightstand to go back to sleep. My entire world revolved around the sin of drunkenness. I was a slave to alcohol.

In John we learn that being a slave to sin is where we fall. (John 8:34) We learn that by accepting Christ as our savior, we can then be broken free of that slavery. (John 8:36) By renewal of mind and spirit, we can go about our daily lives a little better than before. When we work on our habits of sin, we can be set free and make our faith and God a top priority. When we slave day in and day out to alcohol, we are putting it before our faith.

We need to ask for God’s forgiveness and salvation when we are a slave to alcohol. It is the only way we can really live a full and happy life in recovery.