Uncertain Times

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For a few months now I have been living in a mental state of uncertainty. So many things change so quickly. I like change, but not so much on drastic changes. For a while now a major move was hanging out in the back of my head. My partner has been toying around with the idea of moving for a job, like many times before in the last four years. This time it will end up being the longest move we have ever made. One I am not very happy about and am feeling an overwhelming amount uncertainty about my future and all the what-ifs.


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I have gotten mighty comfortable, in my faith and in life in general, as I talked about in my last blog, but I have really be thinking a lot about what I’ve been through, what I haven’t had, where I’ve gotten to now, and the things I now have. A couple of events over the last couple of days have put things in a great perspective for me.