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It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone is ready for the end of the year, but we have one more holiday to get through first. The one that has so many meanings to so many people. Yes, Christmas; the most misunderstood, stressful, and risky. This holiday affects me in all of the Big 4; Christianity, alcoholism, mental illness, and homosexuality. I always dread going into this holiday because of all the implications it could have on me. Will I forget to acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas? How many events will I go to that there will be alcohol? How will my mind handle the stress and anxiety of all the expectations surrounding this day? How many ‘Clobber Passage’ zealots will I be able to avoid before one of them throws one of those scriptures at me?

Small Words, Big Impact

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My passion, and job, is being a dog trainer. I pride myself on my knowledge of the ins and outs of dog behavior and my ability to help people create better relationships with their dogs. I have spent years educating myself through self-study and learning from others to hone in my skills. I have created many lasting relationships, and saved many lives, along the way. But one comment made me question it all. It wasn’t even a direct jab. It was simply an update on an event a clients dog was involved in.

Shopping While Bipolar

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Money management hasn’t always been my strong suit. In fact, I have spent a scary amount of money on the most frivolous thing. At one time my habit was spending countless amounts of money on iTunes for every song I thought I ever wanted. It has transitioned to one thing after another over the years, but I never really understood why I couldn’t kick the habit like all the other adults in my life. I felt immature and careless. I wanted to be better about my money, but couldn’t ever seem to find a way.

Bipolar Playlist

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As you know, music get’s me through so much! The highs, the lows, the lulls, all of it. Numerous studies have shown, as if we actually needed them to know this, that music can help set a tone for moments in your life. It changes the way you remember them, feel about them later in life, and appreciate or dislike them. Through the years since my first diagnosis of being bipolar, I have found solace in music. I have put together a list of 10 of my favorite songs relating to bipolar, or that feel somehow connected, to me. They are broken into 2 sections, songs for the manic moments, and songs for the depressive moments. Enjoy!