Famous People Who Struggle(d) With Mental Illness

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When in mental illness recovery, we thrive and grow from peoples stories of perseverance and ability to stay stable through times of adversity. We learn new ways to manage episodes that we live with daily. When we can also hear stories from people who live in the spotlight, in one way or another, through all of the stress, criticism, adversity, and more, we take much strength from that. The people who live in the spotlight and can still manage their mental illness diagnosis, is something to admire.

Small Words, Big Impact

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My passion, and job, is being a dog trainer. I pride myself on my knowledge of the ins and outs of dog behavior and my ability to help people create better relationships with their dogs. I have spent years educating myself through self-study and learning from others to hone in my skills. I have created many lasting relationships, and saved many lives, along the way. But one comment made me question it all. It wasn’t even a direct jab. It was simply an update on an event a clients dog was involved in.