Starting Meds

This is my first Vlog. I know it seems to be a dying trend, but I really wanted to voice my latest thoughts and the start of something major in my life. I hope you enjoy.

The Chair

I recently talked about my drive to get help again through psychologists and psychiatrists. Today I had my first psychologist visit in over 11 years. The last time I was in a clinical trial right [...]


So I figured I’m come clean. Stay true to my blogs purpose, no secrets. Earlier this week I ended up in the low point of a depressive state brought on by several things. I was pretty cryptic [...]

Self Sabotage

It never fails. When stuff seems to be going really good, something always comes up to put me right back where I seem to belong. I've gotten lots of good news lately. Good job changes, moved into [...]

You’re Selfish

Suicide has been a hot topic lately. More so than in past years. A staggering number of celebrities have taken their lives over the last couple of years and it has since put suicide at the front [...]

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