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It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone is ready for the end of the year, but we have one more holiday to get through first. The one that has so many meanings to so many people. Yes, Christmas; the most misunderstood, stressful, and risky. This holiday affects me in all of the Big 4; Christianity, alcoholism, mental illness, and homosexuality. I always dread going into this holiday because of all the implications it could have on me. Will I forget to acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas? How many events will I go to that there will be alcohol? How will my mind handle the stress and anxiety of all the expectations surrounding this day? How many ‘Clobber Passage’ zealots will I be able to avoid before one of them throws one of those scriptures at me?

Worship Wednesday Devotional – October 5, 2016

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All to often I find myself falling into a rut with my faith. Not where I feel like a blockade between me and God, but where I feel to comfortable when things are going right, so I just don’t reach out as I should. I have been here many times, as I am sure you have to.

We find our lives going good, if not great, and we fail to realize that we still need God. He gave us the gifts of comfort because of our devotion, work, and faith. He didn’t give those to us so we could simply vanish from his side. He rewarded us, now we must also be grateful in His gifts.

If we don’t praise Him for what we have, he will certainly let you know and, with me, it usually results in some downfalls and some humility giving events and circumstances. And I find myself right back asking Him for His help and forgiveness.

I’m not saying that if we praise Him when we are going good in life that we won’t be met with faith testing challenges, it just let’s Him know you still rely on Him and have humility in the fact that we can’t do it alone.