Lately, I have been on a health kick and have been trying to make sure I stick to it this time around. Easier said than done in the past, and we all need a little help. So, I have been searching high and low for apps to help me succeed this time. I know, I hear your voices in the background saying, “Ronnie, it’s all self will!” I get this part, but some of us need a little extra encouragement. I recently invested in an Apple Watch to keep track of all my stats and daily activities. I had a FitBit prior but found it lacking in ability and detail. Most of these apps are iPhone/Apple Watch only, but where I have been able to find, I linked to the Android version of them if they exist.

I hope you enjoy these apps as much as I have!


Streaks is a habit tracking app in a clean and easy format. I gravitated towards this one because not only did I need to build better habits, I also needed it to be visually interesting to keep me interested. It recently hot updated to allow tracking of 12 separate habits. It has nearly unlimited customization opportunities to fit your life. I use this one to build up a habit, and then I clear that habit out once it becomes seconds nature.


RealLifeChange is an app that tracks your moods, emotions, activities, and more from your everyday life. It gives insights into the trends in your emotions over time and also allows you to share that data with your doctors and therapists. I love it because I like to see where I was emotionally at any given time in my past to see what contributed to it so I can either do more things that lead to positivity, or less things that lead to negativity.


FitPort is for neat-freaks! If you are anything like me, you like an easy and visually appealing layout for navigating information. The Apple Health app is notoriously convoluted and not very visually appealing. FitPort takes care of that for you by putting all of the information you have to search for in Apple Health right no the front screen of its app. There is also an Apple Watch companion app to go with it so you can see your stats easier on the Watch as well.


Peak is a brain workout app. It is similar to Luminosity, but much cheaper and better in my opinion. I use it daily to give my brain a mental workout to sharpen up my thoughts and decisions. I love games and this makes working out your brain fun and easy.


Timeless is all about meditation. Meditation and mindfulness is a huge part of daily activity. If you don’t have your brain relaxed, you can’t focus and do daily activities to your best ability. I like Timeless because it has an Apple Watch companion to log mindfulness on the go. It has a lot of guided meditations as well to help you focus and ground yourself.


Pillow is a sleep tracker for your iPhone and Apple Watch. It is by far the most accurate and visually appealing sleep tracker I have found so far. Without sleep, you can’t perform daily activities to your full availability. I have learned so much about my sleep habits through this app and have been able to take some of that info and get better sleep by modifying my activities leading up to bed time.


Round is a medicine tracker. Being bipolar comes with it’s fair share of challenges, but medication is by far one of the most important challenge to monitor. Taking medications on time and not forgetting are very important. This app has been a lifesaver in reminding me daily to take my medications so I don’t forget. Sometimes I also forget if I have taken them so all I have to do is check the app to see if I actually took them or not, saving me the trouble of doubling up on them.


TimeGlass is an interval timer. I use this to track my running, regular exercise, and some stuff at work. It is a great app that has almost limitless possibilities on how to set up your timers. The great part is that they sync with your Apple Watch so you can get your timers on the go if you don’t have your phone nearby.

Yoga Glo

Yoga Glo is by far the best yoga app I have found so far! It has over 4000 different classes to attend by a large number of teachers. Yoga is becoming a big part of my regular daily activity and health. It has options ranging from beginners to advanced yogis. I have found the app to be very friendly and the programs are engaging and easy to follow.


Argus is an all encompassing dashboard for your daily activity and food intake. It tracks exercise, food intake, water intake, and more. I use this app to make sure I have a one stop shop for all my daily activity. It is different from FitPort in that this allows you to dive deeper and enter details of every single happening every day. It also allows you to compete and challenge others in the app for set goals throughout the week.


Wokamon is a Digimon for the 21st century! I am a child of the 90’s, so the nostalgia from this app is awesome! Wokamon gamifies your step count each day. The more steps you get, the more your Wokamon grows. It also allows you keep track of progress with friends in the app as well. When you gamify your steps, it can make getting those steps easier. I have found this to be a great way for me personally to get more than my regular goal steps per day.