Like all of humanity, I have many things I deal with on a day to day basis. All things I am passionate about. The thing I commonly find myself doing though is focusing on just one aspect of my life for a large amount of time. This eventually leaves other things in my life lacking due to neglect of thought and attention.

I go through phases where I really put all of my time, energy, and effort into one thing. Like how I spend a lot of time working on my mental health and raising awareness about living a “normal” life, and then my faith seems to dwindle. Or how I spend several weeks working on my sobriety and using it as a tool to help others while I neglect my passion for dog training and the pursuit of growing my knowledge.

When we spend to much time on one thing in our life, the other areas suffer.

For the last month I have been working on how to better cater to each part of my life in a healthy way that it is deserving of. I want to be good at all the things I am passionate about or need to focus on to maintain good physical and mental health.

When I don’t spend enough time on my faith and spiritual side, I find it much easier to complain to God and ask “why,” instead of spending time thanking Him for the things that are going good.

When I don’t spend time focusing on my sobriety, I tend to crave alcohol more and find myself tempted much more often.

When I don’t spend time centering myself and my mind, I find that my bipolar episodes seem much more exaggerated.

When I don’t spend time reading new studies on dog training, or practicing my trade, I find myself rusty and it becomes difficult to communicate with the dogs I work with.

The common theme here is that if I don’t spend time on each part of my life in healthy ways, those areas of my life suffer and degrade. But it’s not just the one specific part of my life that suffers when I neglect that specific portion of my life. All of these things are related and are dependent on each other for a full, healthy, and happy body, mind, and life. They all affect each other because my mind isn’t right and is purely focused on one thing instead of spreading the attention around.

To better maintain all the parts of the puzzle that make me whole, I have been working on a plan to delegate portions of my week on specific things. Times where I will only focus on that specific task for that set amount of time. And when that time runs out, I focus on a different part of my life to give it the attention it deserves and needs as well. I am hoping this helps remind me that there are other pieces of my life that need just as much attention.

I want to feel better and succeed, not just in those specific areas of my life, but in life as a whole.

I am always looking for more ways to live a well balanced life, and I know I only have my perspective, not just on my life, but with the knowledge I have. Because of this I am always looking outwards to see what other people to do to maintain a well balanced life. If you have tips, please share them with me so I can possibly implement them into my daily life.