From time to time we all need time to ourselves to look at our lives, what we have done, where we are now, and where we want to head next. Recently I began doing this. I like to reset, to put it plainly. I had reached a breaking point. Led on by a heavy work load, mental stability (hitting one of my very low, lows), and overall need to reevaluate some situations in my life to make my life better.

I took a step back from virtually everything possible. The only things I didn’t, and couldn’t step away from were the usual; relationship, job, etc. I did however take a step back from dog training, web design, advocacy work, research projects, and some other things. I needed to go back to basics to see what was really a priority in my life and what could be shed.

Although I am only a few weeks into this reset, which I plan to carry out until my possible move back to Nashville, but already i am seeing a difference in my stress level and my happiness level. It had gotten so bad that I had cried at work and actually became physically sick a few times because of stress.

I started to dislike my passions and it was visible to those who see the work I do on a daily basis, whether it be training dogs, advocating for the pit bull breeds of dogs, keeping up with research on a major project related to my dog advocacy, and pretty much every public facet of my life. I took the step back mainly to make sure I still loved what I do, and to not grow resentful or tired of those things. I wanted to remain in love with those projects and career paths I have made for myself.

Taking a step back from them has done so much good lately. I have started to pick back up with private training and advocacy work. I think if I would have kept gong through that rough patch, I would probably have never picked back up my work again. It was that bad.

Sometimes we just need to hit PAUSE!

It gives us a break and let’s us relax and focus on the things that really matter. During this break from most everything, I have really picked up studying the Bible again, and in more depth and detail than ever before. I think I am getting back to the point where I was when i first went sober with my faith. I had felt it slipping over the years because I got comfortable. Actually, complacent is a better word to describe it. It changed my views on things. I felt myself backsliding.

Now I am reading the Bible daily, doing what I love again, and am slowly getting back to that place in my life where I am happy, strong in my faith, and steadfast in my passions.

Only you know if you need to hit that PAUSE button and get your bearings, but believe me, it is a wonderful experience to get back to basics from time to time.