How many shootings is it going to take for people to realize there needs to be much more powerful scrutiny and checks for the ability to own and maintain ownership of guns?!

Why is there still such debate over whether or not mental illness plays a role in shootings?

Can’t we just agree that too many people are dying from guns?

As someone with a diagnosed mental illness, I wholeheartedly believe there should be some type of registry and psych evaluation to purchase and own a gun. Yes, making it more difficult to purchase or own a gun won’t stop some people from getting them, but it will absolutely make it more difficult for those same people to obtain. And may deter them all together.

Yes, there are many things that have the potential to be weapons, but no other weapon has affected as many lives as guns have in modern history. So why not make it more difficult for those who truly should not have a gun to actually obtain one? Why is this even a question? It seems the only logical thing to do.

However, I am relying on the same people to make a change in that arena that is also running the country into the ground.

When will it end?