APRIL 4, 2017

So I finally made the decision to get glasses again this last week. It has been way to long. I was first prescribed glasses back in 2010. I had glasses for about a year until they broke. At the time I was in no position to purchase another pair because I was straight broke and in a very low point in my life. After that few years I was finally in a position to get glasses again, but procrastinated on it instead. Fast forward to last Friday, and now I have 4 eyes again!

The experience after I picked them up was scary, overwhelming, and disorienting. Aside from the negative emotions, I was incredibly upset with myself for holding out so long because I could finally see the beauty in things. Things I haven’t seen in years. From the minuscule street signs that I could now read, to the Leaves on the trees that I could now see with clarity and not just some green blur stuck on top of a big twig.

You’re probably wondering where I could possibly lead with this random story about my new pair of glasses. Aside from the obvious excitement about getting to see the world again, it made me think about my relationship with God and my faith. I could see everything that was created for us again and wanted to thank God for all of it, but realized I haven’t picked up my Bible in over a month.

the LORD gives sight to the blind

Psalm 146:8

I started thinking about how far I was backsliding and what this opportunity was that was given to me. I have become complacent about things just being there but never really questioning them, instead taking them for granted. I got comfortable in my current stable state of mind and was walking through life blind to the outside forces. The push and pull were gone, instead replaced by indifference. My faith had gotten stale.

This happens to me every so often. I get comfortable and forget why I am here. My faith takes a back seat to the stable life I am happy to see once again. My stable moments are great achievements for me in recovery from alcoholism and a life full of ups and downs from bipolar disorder. I tend to revel in the happiness that I am overcome by because I can be my true self in those moments.

Getting that pair of glasses this week thrust me back in the right direction. I take that event as God telling me to remain humble and grateful. A reminder to know how and why I am here. A lesson in the beauty that God has created for us. To be completely cliche, my eyes have been opened once again.

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

Psalm 119:18

Getting complacent in faith is nowhere anyone really wants to be. But we tend to end up there from time to time. God gives us little nudges here and there to really help us stay on track and remain humble and understand where all of this came from. My lesson was rather easy this time and was a gift from God in several ways. I have been given sight once again to see the natural world that God has created for us, as well as the sight to see God Himself once again.

Pay attention to the little nudges because they aren’t done in vain. They all happen for a reason. We will never understand that reason, but we can thank God for every one of them.