There are many pieces to the puzzle of anyone’s life. I have picked the four major parts of my life that I feel define who I am and why I do the things I do. It was difficult to pare it down to just 4, but I feel these are so defining, that the rest can easily be seen in the folds. I refer to these as the Big 4.

I am a melting pot of Christianity, addiction, mental illness, and homosexuality. I identify as a faithful Christian, so this is how I try my best to carry myself; with love, faith, and compassion. I am an alcoholic living a life in recovery so every single day is a silent struggle to make sure I can make it through the day without drinking. I am diagnosed bipolar, so my ups and downs are exaggerated from what people call normal. I am also happily gay, so I know myself very well but also live in a world where some think that Christianity and homosexuality are incompatible, but I work, like many others, to debunk this myth.

In the sections below I have described what each of these four things mean to me personally and how they affect me and those around me. I also hope that it helps bring clarity and answers to the questions that may arise with them.