So in the 4+ years I have been sober so far I have come to see a popular trend; positive posting only blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc. I know, that sounds horrible for a recovering alcoholic to say since we all need positivity in our journey through sobriety so that we can stay strong and be inspired, but too much of that causes problems as well.

When I first went sober, and since then, I have noticed a large amount of positive only resources, and this was hard for me. I was looking for peoples struggles. I was looking for how someone else handled temptation or relapse or detox. I saw lots of memes and quotes on pretty backgrounds (I know, I make these too), but I couldn’t find many resources where people were talking about current struggles.

All of these things have their place. I even have a page here that focuses on positivity via Inspirational Messages. But I like to also share my struggles and downfalls. If all people see are positive messages telling them that it will get better or hearing from people who only talk about the good side of recovery, people don’t feel as if they can relate. Especially since this doesn’t apply to most people living in recovery.

People want to hear the bad things. They want to feel like someone else has been down this path so they don’t feel so alone in their journey. Although everyone’s journey is unique to them, we all share familiar paths and recovery options that can help others.

I was recently chatting on Facebook with a friend who shared the sentiments. Her and I shared some very common sentiments towards it. It is ok to wallow sometimes. It’s ok to not be ok from time to time. What really matters is how you deal with it and how you make it out the other side.

I encourage you all, if you share your recovery journey with others, please let them see ALL that recovery is. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and I would begin to think you really weren’t living a truthful recovery if all you say you feel is happiness and no regrets and puppy dog tails and Eskimo kisses. Be real so that others can be real, too!