A short obituary to a lost recovery advocate.

We have lost yet another advocate. This time in the arena of alcoholism. A star of stage and screen, Mary Tyler Moore was mostly famous for her works throughout Hollywood. But to those of us who share a common strain with her all know she was an unexpected advocate for recovery. She then broke stigma when she publicly spoke about her disease.

Alcoholism and substance abuse ran in her family. Her sister died of an overdose and her son struggled with substance abuse until his early death at 24. These events, and her own life, brought her to a place of addiction and then recovery. At her lowest, she checked into the Betty Ford Clinic to seek help with her addiction and alcoholism.

Mary is a prime example of how well alcoholics can sometimes hide their disease until the last possible moment. They can look happy, refreshed, and normal to the outside world. But, inside, there is a struggle with your body and mind. She stood up to these demons and sought the help she needed to make sure she could continue on for many years.

By speaking out about her alcoholism and ensuing struggles, she was a voice for the voiceless. She broke barriers and showed that alcohol can affect the strongest looking among all of us. She proved that even with a disease like alcoholism, it was ok to accept that diagnosis and still live a positive and happy life.

We will miss our advocate in disguise. You gave us so much joy, inspiration, strength, courage, and entertainment. “It’s time you let someone else do some giving.”