A while back, November more precisely, I decided to take an exit from Facebook. This was a decision as a result of quite a bit going on in my family and in the world as a whole. Facebook became an overwhelming negative in my life. One that took its toll on me. I can’t say it was anyone elses fault, because my perceptions of events are my own and I let a lot get to me. I am human. However, I decided to remove that aspect of my life to hopefully better myself.

Over the last 8 months I have only maintained a presence on social media through my blog and my advocacy work. Through this hiatus I was able to reset my mind and disallow the negative energy seeping out of facebook from altering my personal life any further. During this time I was able to find new ways, productive ways, to monitor my intake of negativity around me. I was able to learn how to channel that negativity into more positive results.

Through lots of self-reflection, which is a common practice throughout my sobriety, I was able to use this and find new ways to see the negativity for what it was; each persons individual struggle and not my own, nor a reflection of who I am personally. Unfortunately through my struggles with bipolar disorder, I take things very personally, whether justified or not. It’s a major part of my mental illness. Fortunately, however, I have had breakthroughs in my abilities to compartmentalize and let go of certain things much easier.

Because of this, I have decided to give facebook a trial run again after 8 months of being gone and see how I am able to handle it again. Facebook has its value in communication, however I let it run my life of communication with others. This time around I am making an effort to use it sparingly and to check in, but not live through it. Trial being the key word, I will see how it goes. Hopefully this time with a thicker skin.

Here’s to new beginnings!