To be completely cliche, addiction does not discriminate. It reaches every level of every demographic. It even reaches people who have a vast platform from which to speak from, advocate for sobriety, and prove to everyone that you can achieve clarity through sobriety as well. When tend to think celebrities live this grand life of drugs, sex, and rock & roll. Hollywood is synonymous with substance abuse. So when a celebrity comes along to show that you can have a great time without booze, it has a huge impact.

The following are celebrities you may not have known are sober. Not everyone is using their platform to advocate for sobriety, but simply acknowledging that they once had an addiction problem and overcame it, it still goes far for awareness.

Edie Falco

Although she played a drug-addicted nurse in New York, Edie Falco is sober. Who better to play a character than someone who knows it from a personal perspective? She has been sober for over 25 years and credits a good support system to carry her through her life of sobriety.

Ewan McGregor

After Ewan McGregor dealt with several bad situations fueled by alcohol, he realized he needed to put a stop to his drinking when he asked himself “what am I doing?” after he danced for Iggy Pop during a drunken fit. Now with over 12 years of sobriety, he is still proving its possible to be sober and get everything you want.

Mike Posner

The guy who sings about taking pills in Ibiza is actually sober. Go figure! Mike first noticed his drinking had become a problem when his celebrity started to suffer. It was costing him his career and what he loved. He took that revelation and began to sober up, and is now back in the spotlight, albeit sober. He is proving you can always come back from addiction if you do something about it.

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci was a child actor who lived the typical and stereotypical life as a Hollywood debutante. Alcohol and drugs were a major part of that life for her. She partook in anything and everything to experience that glamorous life. She realized however she couldn’t continue to abuse different substances and continue to build a career. She put a halt to her substance abuse problems and focused on her career. She is proving that you can grow yourself into exactly what you want to be if you keep a clear mind.

Andy Murray

Some people don’t stop drinking until they have encountered a problem that affects their life tremendously. For Andy Murray it was one of the worst hangovers he had ever had. After that hangover he realized to achieve his dreams and play the sport he loves, he had to stop drinking and focus on that. He didn’t want anything to come between him and his goals. Setting goals for your sober life can help just as they did Andy.