We often overwhelm ourselves with so many tasks that we get too far in and can’t find our way back out. I have found myself here at this point. I find myself here every so often. I go all in, all the time. It’s not a surprise that I reach a point of burnout. The difference this time though is that I see the wall coming up ahead and have my past to use today to make sure I get through this.

I have done quite a bit of slimming down in my life the last year. Reprioritizing certain aspects of my life, putting my efforts and energy towards things I want to grow and excel in, leaving behind some projects and old interests in the hopes of furthering myself in my passions. Through this slimming down, I have directed my time towards just a couple of things. I went full in because that’s one of two speeds I know.

Because I went full in, I think I pushed people away. Not just with my passion, but my drive to get things done. My frustrations with things not being done, or being done in timeframes I like, have been showing up in my interactions with others. I feel a change in others perceptions and interactions with me.

I’ve been down this road before, and I think it has prepared me for my current course of action. Being better equipped to take a step back and focus on some self-care will be crucial.

This doesn’t mean I am stopping everything, it just means I am taking a step back to focus on myself for a little bit so I can be better for all my passions and my work. I will be a little less reachable, less available, but more focused. Spending a little more time and care on the close relationships I have. Focusing more on my own progress and growth and not making everyone else a priority. Making sure I am better.

Self-care is incredibly important. I encourage you all to do the same. Use your past experiences, failures, and troubles as signifiers for your future so that you can better prepare and accommodate yourself. I am doing that now.