I draw inspiration from others in recovery, so I have put together a list of other blogs I follow. They are sometimes fun and bubbly and sometimes dark and deep. But, the main thing is that it is a person in recovery writing from the heart about their personal journey through recovery.

UnPickled is written by a woman named Jean. She has a similar goal in mind; to reach people with her story in the hopes it helps other people in their journey through sobriety. She has a very raw recognition that her story isn’t just hers, it is everyone who reads it as well as hers.

Recovery Reflections is a blog dedicated to quotes about recovery. As you know, I am a collector of quotes, and many of these end up in my quote journal. It is a great read to find many sobering (pun intended) quotes about recovery, sobriety, and everything related. They apply to regular life as well.

My Journey from an Addict, with the tagline of “It’s not always Crystal clear,” is one that I relate to on certain levels. Mary Beth speaks about addiction and relationships in her blog posts. Dealing with my recovery and my relationship is a hard one, and to see someone else speaking on that close-to-home situation, I really enjoy reading her posts.

Discovering Beautiful is similar to my posts, in that it is interspersed with faith based recovery methods. I love that she speaks about her faith, how God provided her this second chance, and how she shares scriptures that apply to her recovery. I have been following her on Facebook for some time now and am always one to read her posts.

Hip Sobriety is a little different from the rest. Holly couldn’t find a recovery path that worked for her when she wanted to go sober, so she created her own program. She now uses that journey as a path to guide others through recovery. Her blog is full of great stories and accounts from her personal life and recovery.

Magz tagline describes all of us in our journeys, “from liquid courage to sober courage.” She relates to the readers on a personal level that all of us can find similarities in. She talks about not only common struggles among people living in recovery, but also her personal and unique journey through sobriety. She also has many resources for people living in recovery sprinkled all throughout her blog.

Disclaimer : None of the blogs listed are sponsored. And though I have made friends with a few of the bloggers, they are not affiliated with my blog, nor are they being given special listings here. They are listed simply because I have found inspiration in them. The opinions in the blogs may not 100% reflect my own, but they provide inspiration in some way that I see beneficial to Christianity, recovery, homosexuality, and/or mental health.