For Those Affected

The disease of alcoholism doesn’t just effect the alcoholic, it effects all the people around them. Through appropriate understanding, mediation, and intervention, the people effected by the alcoholic can work more effectively in a positive way with the alcoholic. Below is a list of programs and information for those whose lives are affected by an alcoholic.

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with an alcoholic is to be patient. Not having patience often leads to a loss of trust from an alcoholic. The other thing to keep in mind is don’t be combative or accusatory to an alcoholic. The person may not realize they are an alcoholic or may still be in denial. The best thing you can do is to build trust with them. Show them that you aren’t just messing with them and that you are really there to help them. Understand, someone doesn’t get sober overnight. This is a process.

Adult Children of Alcoholics is geared towards helping adults who grew up in an alcoholic household. It helps people understand addiction, how to help the ones you love, and also shows you how to recover, with the use of 12-Steps.

Learn to Cope bills themselves as a peer support group for those who currently live with or deal with an alcoholic in their lives. They also provide prevention programs to help loved ones stay sober.

Al-Anon is the support side of AA. They believe in working the 12-Steps with those who deal with an alcoholic. Like AA, it is a peer support group. It allows you to share your stories with like-minded individuals

Disclaimer : None of the programs listed are sponsored. They are listed simply because I have found inspiration in them. The opinions in the programs may not 100% reflect my own, but they provide inspiration in some way that I see beneficial to Christianity, recovery, homosexuality, and/or mental health.