I love watching movies, and from time to time I enjoy watching movies that deal with the topic of sobriety, recovery, and addiction. I have put together a list of movies I have seen with a review of each.

Although this movie was using 12-step programs as the base, which I’m not particularly fond of, and dealt with sex addiction, this movie dealt with both sides of the aisle. It showed the struggle of an addict, his relapse, and his recovery the second time around. It also showed the person on the other side, his love interest, and how she dealt with it. It was a pretty good display of how someone involved with an addict may think about things and not be trustworthy.

This one is a difficult one to watch. Not to spoil the movie for you, but a lot goes wrong for the main character played by Denzel Washington. It is filled with drug use, alcoholism, and what appears to me to be sex addiction as well. By chance he saves a lot of lives, but he is being torn down because of his addictions. I wouldn’t recommend watching this one if you are, or want to be, in a good mood.

Disclaimer : None of the movies listed are sponsored. They are listed simply because I have found inspiration in them. The opinions and/or situations in the movies may not 100% reflect my own, but they provide inspiration in some way that I see beneficial to Christianity, recovery, homosexuality, and/or mental health.