There are many routes to going sober. I have put together a list of different programs to help you. Besides the most obvious, AA, there are many that go beyond meetings and focus on things ranging from self-help, to meditation, to exercise, and more. I have put together a list of programs that can aide you in your path through recovery.

Alcoholics is one of the most widely used recovery programs. Included in this program are sharing stories of your addiction, working a plan of action known as the 12-Steps, and also believes in anonymity. It also has a pretty large book to accompany the program that details their purposes, goals, and intentions, as well as ideas to get/stay sober.

Rational Recovery is a self-help based program. It’s mission is to bring attainable recovery to all through planned permanent abstinence. in an independent plan dealing with self-help with or without meetings.

Smart Recovery is a self-help style program with or without meetings with the help of a 4-Point program that aide in the recovery process. They also have a 24/7 online chat-room that allows you to make contact with supportive sober people who can help you in times of need.

Disclaimer : None of the programs listed are sponsored. They are listed simply because I have found inspiration in them. The opinions in the programs may not 100% reflect my own, but they provide inspiration in some way that I see beneficial to Christianity, recovery, homosexuality, and/or mental health.