As you know, I draw inspiration from many sources. Most of that inspiration comes from reading books about addiction and recovery, and reading the Bible. I have put together a list of books I have read in sobriety along with a review. I have also put together a list of my favorite Bible verses organized by mood and station in life.

Alcoholism & Addiction

GUTS is one of the many celebrity recovery books. This one in particular was a good read because her pure candidness and nothing going untold kind of delivery. It is raw recovery at its finest. Although the vast majority of us can’t relate to her in any other way, we can still relate on the recovery level. It adds some great humor throughout as well.

June Hunt explores addiction and its relation to scripture. She comes at it from almost every angle and uses supporting scripture to speak about stopping yourself, caring for a loved on, and understanding others who may be addicts.


God Breathed is a great read to get you closer to your original sense of amazement of the Word. From time to time we fall away from the Word and it loses its impact on us. This book helps you find that feeling once again.


Torn follows the story of Justin Lee from being a named “God Boy,” to dealing with the ex-gay movement, to eventually finding a place of self-acceptance. This book talks about both sides of the debate and touches on how to effectively communicate with both sides, whether you be gay, Christian, or a gay Christian.

Unfair is a collection of essays about Christianity and homosexuality. The essays are inspired by his own life and communications from people on both sides of the conflict. There is humor mixed in with serious notes. It is one of the definitive books to read on the subject.

Matthew Vines is commonly called out for his book about being Christian and gay at the same time by the fundamentalist and non-progressive Christian sect. It is for very good reason too, he speaks the truth about the Bible, in context, not cherry picked, and makes people who have personal preferences that don’t align with the life of someone else. This is a must read to more understanding on how the Bible does not condemn same sex marriages or homosexuality.

Finding words in the Bible ti affirm same sex relationships can be difficult. This books attempts to make it easier for you to find those passages, along with deconstructing the typical clobber passages and putting them into context and disproving their common application against the LGBT community.

Washed and Waiting gives a different view of the whole issue. Wesley Hill is a celibate gay Christian. There is a large group of gay Christians who participate in celibacy as they feel as though the Bible still condemns same sex relations, but not same sex relationships.

Bawer approaches homosexuality from a standpoint that the majority of the LGBT community lives in, but rarely seen by the loud faces of that are supposedly representative of the LGBT culture. He discusses not conforming to the stereotypical LGBT community and making a quiet place for yourself and who you are, not what society thinks you are, or wants you to be as a gay person.

Mel White has a secret that the top evangelical leaders he worked with never knew. He is a gay man who also happens to be Christian. Mel chronicles his life with these leaders and how he came to a place of self-acceptance.

This book explains the background on why Christians started to discriminate against the LGBT community and shows how the two aren’t mutually exclusive. It shows you that you can be gay and Christian.

UNCLOBBER does just that, it dissects and disseminates the commonly used clobber passages used against the LGBT community and disproves the false, and sometimes intentionally so, uses against us. For an accurate explanation of the commonly used passages, this is a recommended read.

Mental Illness

Disclaimer : None of the books listed are sponsored. They are listed simply because I have found inspiration in them. The opinions in the books may not 100% reflect my own, but they provide inspiration in some way that I see beneficial to Christianity, recovery, homosexuality, and/or mental health.