I know what you’re thinking; “God is always at the Grammy’s, Ronnie!” or “God get’s thanked in nearly every speech, he’s always there, Ronnie!” But the Grammy’s were so much different this year. God was forefront from the beginning to the end, in major ways. In more ways than I feel he has ever been before.

It started with the New Artist of the Year award going to Chance The Rapper right at the beginning of the show. He pointed up and gave credit in a passionate and amazing way with his acceptance speech. After that he won best Rap album. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he performed on stage with Tamela Mann in an amazing performance that praised God.

This performance brought Christianity to the forefront during an already politically charged award ceremony. People were standing up for basic human rights, equality, and God. Hopefully those who saw it can be inspired by it and make changes in their lives.

Unfortunately the performance isn’t up on YouTube yet, but I have shared his acceptance speeches below.