DECEMBER 12, 2012

Christian Alcoholic is written and maintained by a, you guessed it, an Alcoholic Christian. Through Alcoholics Anonymous and Faith, this information is brought to you.

CA’s goal is to combine AA with Christianity and its applications and how they relate. Most, if not all, are opinion based articles from the viewpoint of the author. Further, the goal is to provide a viewpoint that people can relate to, learn from, and educate others with. CA speaks from both sides of the equation; the alcoholic, and those affected.

CA wants to help inspire and encourage other alcoholics to take hold of addictions and make their lives more manageable through Christ and sobriety. Through the postings on this site, we hope to reach alcoholics who have not stopped drinking, alcoholics who are already sober, and people affected by alcoholics in their life.

AA and the path and journey through sobriety and making ourselves better people for us, God, and others, is 100% focused on making the alcoholic a better person, first and foremost. It is our goal to help others understand that the life of the alcoholic comes first in their ability to stay sober, and then the other people affected by our disease benefit from our new found life of peace and free of dependence on alcohol.

We hope alcoholics and those affected can find the information they are searching for here and also help them to understand us better. We are people too, just people who are working through life with a little bit of a challenge.

God has a plan for every one of us, and puts us through tests, all in an effort to make us stronger in our lives and in our faith and dependence on God and Christ. Sometimes He breaks us down, so He can build us up fresh and new in a new light and love and strength we didn’t know we had.