I will preface this post by saying I recently was guilty of doing the opposite of what this post is about. But, it’s also what caused me to want to write this.

I recently left my job at a major chain store because it just wasn’t a good fit for me. There was a lot of unneeded stress and drama brought on by the people who were supposed to be “managing” the rest of the store. It isn’t a decision I made lightly and wavered on it several times.

I quit once and my District Manager called me and wanted me to come back because I am good at what I do. I went back with the expectation of changes being made. Things got worse, as they usually do in that world, so I decided I had enough and my passion wasn’t worth the risk.

Several weeks have gone by since I left that job and I am on the verge of starting a new job this next week. One that is a departure from my passion, but it pays the bills and I am familiar with the current employees.

I recently visited the store I used to work at, since i still buy things from there, and I am friends with the majority of people who still work there. Long story short, the management, and out of nowhere a past manager decided to drum up some drama after my visit.

Here is where I went against what I am about to encourage others do, and something I will work on myself. I contacted both of the people I just referred to and got some stuff off my chest. Things I have bottled up because if I dare mention the way I feel while I worked there I probably would have lost my job, because the management style is shut up, nod yes, and never say anything.

It was nothing inflammatory. It was short, to the point, and was just about how I felt the way things were handled weren’t cool and very unethical and that I wasn’t happy with it. Like I said, things I could have never said while working there, unfortunately. Jobs shouldn’t be like that, but occasionally they are.

There was a brief euphoria and adrenaline that came with saying what I had to say. I got something off my chest and let it out. But after that brief positive feeling I began to wonder what good did it do. I don’t work there anymore. It most likely wont change the way they handle things in the future with other people. And it did nothing to progress me to any new point in my own life.


I then thought of this acronym. What would me voicing my concerns after the fact accomplish? Then I began to think even deeper about it. I remembered when I used to drink and why I would drink. I wanted to drown out that horrible thing called reality. It was short lived though, so it accomplished nothing in the grand scheme of things. I had to face it eventually.

I have begun to think about m temptation this way as well. If I pick up a drink when I get stressed what will it accomplish. Sure it will give some temporary distraction (or death because I am sure that’s what me picking up a drink ever again in my life would result in), but it would ruin everything I have worked for.

Now that is certainly a jump from voicing your concerns about something, but it can be relational. It adds unneeded stress to your life to dredge up something that has no point to it. And in my case, stress usually leads to other wandering thoughts, like drinking sometimes. Why put yourself through more stress if it doesn’t better your life and the goals you have set for yourself. Now, if you set a goal for your sober self to be a super punk and make everyone feel bad for the wrongs that you feel they have done to you, then more power to you. But if you are reading my words I am pretty sure that’s not you.

So in the future, if you even have an inkling of doubt in your mind about something, ask yourself, What Would It Accomplish?